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Encounter Mary & The Rosary Fatima Series

Encounter Mary & The Rosary Fatima Series began in 2019 with a mission to bring Mary and the Rosary to more people, and to share the special messages Mary gave to the children at Fatima.  

Encounter meets in the 13th of each month May through October – coinciding with the Fatima apparitions.  Learning the actual events at Fatima will deepen your relationship with Mary, who in-turn, will bring you closer to Jesus. And praying the Rosary daily is the most powerful way to do just that.  

If you already have a devotion to praying the Rosary - that’s great. For those who are new to the Rosary - or who’ve never prayed it before ~ Encounter Mary and the Rosary Fatima Series will give you an opportunity to pray it with us at each of our events. 

                      St. Raphael Parish, Bay Village, OH

                  7pm 13th of each month May-October

           Enjoy Live Stream - visit

To learn more about praying the Rosary, visit: 

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